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Red Current Fool

Red Current Fool

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Red Currant Fool

Serves 4 - 6

This no-cook fool or mousse is rich and decadent yet simple to whip up. Serve it in small portions as it is very rich. Please feel free to adjust the amount of sugar, too, as your fruit will vary as much as your individual palates.


Reserve six perfect strings of red currants. Remove the strings from
350 g fresh red currants

In a large bowl mash and crush the fruit until the juices run. Press it through a fine sieve to extract all the juice. Add to the strained juice

100 g caster sugar or to taste

Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Set aside.

In a clean bowl whip until stiff peaks form in

150 ml double cream

Gently fold the red currant juice into the cream until completely blended. Taste and adjust the sweetness. Pour into a suitably sized serving dish, or individual ramekins.  Refrigerate until set. Garnish with the reserved red currants before serving.



Try this with blackberries, but use less sugar as the blackberries are naturally sweet.

Use 75 ml double cream and fold in 75 ml yogurt along with the red currant juice. Adjust the sweetness to taste.

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