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About our Farm, Shute Fruit and Produce

Butterflies, Birds and Bees

We care about our environment and work towards a sustainable farming system that also encourages wildlife. The farm has rare Cirl Buntings and we work with the RSPB to help maintain their population.and that of other birds, especially over the winter.

Cirl Bunting perched on a branch

We manage our luxurious hedges for maximum yield of both wildlife and berries for Lori's preserves. Sometimes it is hard to beat the birds to the elderberries! Hoverflies and ladybirds abound helping us to keep other insects such as black flies under control. We also regularly see rabbits, foxes, badgers and deer.

Have Fun

We organise regular open days with activities for children, cookery demonstrations, tastings and farm made teas. Discounted prices are offered for charities and larger volumes.

Wannabe Van Goghs paint our sunflowers, our hedges inspire poetry and sometimes our runner beans hide jokes. Pack a picnic to enjoy at our picnic site; We've got plenty of parking and picnic tables for your use. Don't forget your camera to catch your child's smile, the occasional steam train chuffing past on the railway line along the bottom of our field and boats sailing by on the estuary.

Then afterwards relax with a local ice cream from Devonshire Farmhouse Ice Cream or our own refreshing elderflower cordial. If you are lucky you might get one of our occasional weekend cream teas.

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