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Picking Today at Shute Fruit and Produce

Tuesday, October 23

†† October hours are 11 am to 5 pm.†

Pumpkins: pocket sized munchkins, white Polar Bears, blue Crown Prince and more usual orange ones

Runner Beans and French Beans: very plentiful and easy to pick

Harlequin, Uchikikuri, Delicata and other Squashes: very sweet eaters and decorative stored in the fruit bowl

Sloes: for sloe gin.† Please order in advance for more than 2 pounds ready picked

Sugar Snap Peas: very sweet eating no matter the size

New Potatoes: Charlotte variety, with a waxy texture.†

Rainbow Chard:† beautiful leafy greens with colourful stems, great eating instead of spinach

Beetroot:† sweet and earthy for eating, pickling or putting into chocolate cake

Marrows and Custard Marrows:† Custard marrows make perfect space ships to encourage healthy eating among those alien to vegetables.

Ornamental gourds: perfect for an Autumnal display

Sunflowers: brighten up any room. I feel a like Iíve walked into a Van Gogh

Sweet Peas: delicate and fragrant!

Loriís award winning jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles and elderflower cordial are always available

We try to have small amounts ready picked on the stall for those in a hurry or not wanting to pick, but for large amounts we ask for orders in advance, please.

To help us keep plastic use to the minimum we would love it if you could bring your own containers.† We will weigh them empty, you go pick, then we will weigh them again and subtract the weight of your container so you only pay for what you pick.

The Pick Your Own is a working farm and for your own health and safety we suggest you wear sturdy footwear whilst picking.† Well behaved dogs are welcome, but not amongst the fruit and vegetables.† We also ask you to keep away from farm machinery and tools.

Find us at shows and farmersí markets, listed on the events page.† If you would like to order any preserves

please ring 01626 777570 or email to discuss details.


If you wish to place an order please email us at or phone (01626) 777570

Our hand wrapped baskets of preserves are made to order and make delicious presents for all occasions.

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