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Picking Today at Shute Fruit and Produce

Saturday 21 September

Raspberries: luscious and tasty.† Bring your own colander to avoid handling them more than necessary

Blackberries: Hurry before the devil spits on them next week for the last ones of the year

Runner beans and French Beans: There are so many the canes are in danger of breaking.† Time for the freezer.

Calendula and Nasturtiums:† beautiful edible flowers for garnishing salads or dressing up ice cubes

Beetroot:† three colours, same earthy sweetness. Loriís making a tricolour salad for supper

†Rainbow chard:† two veg in one.† Store them in a vase instead of flowers before you eat them.†† Use them instead of spinach

Courgettes:† in three different colours.† How about a chocolate courgette cake with the yellow ones?

Charlotte and Pink Fir Apple variety potatoes: both are great flavoured potatoes, but very different

Sunflowers and Sweet Peas for your vases.††

Sorry, but we do not have strawberries this season.†

Loriís award winning jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles and elderflower cordial are always available

Payment by cash only

To help us keep plastic use to the minimum we would love it if you could bring your own containers.

We will weigh them empty, you go pick, then we will weigh them again and subtract the weight of your container so you only pay for what you pick.

The Pick Your Own is a working farm and for your own health and safety we suggest you wear sturdy footwear whilst picking.† Well behaved dogs are welcome, but not amongst the fruit and vegetables.† We also ask you to keep away from farm machinery and tools.

Find us at shows and farmersí markets, listed on the events page.† If you would like to order any preserves

please ring 01626 777570 or email to discuss details.


If you wish to place an order please email us at or phone (01626) 777570

Our hand wrapped baskets of preserves are made to order and make delicious presents for all occasions.

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